Welcome to the world of Puzzle Games!

It is time to test your abilities to solve difficult and sophisticated games! Puzzle games are designed for the most astute individuals who cannot live without challenging themselves, and their brains, and improving their mental abilities. Puzzle games are a popular genre due to their difficulty, logical chains, and multi-step operations with only one correct and possible solution.

Puzzle-solving games are created to discover all the possibilities of the intellect. Sequence solving, pattern and spatial recognition, word completion, and problem-solving are examples of puzzle games that will capture your attention and help you express all of your intellectual skills and logical thinking! Mathematical challenges will definitely pique your interest! The first instance of puzzle games fell at the beginning of the 1980s.

The number of games was limited compared to nowadays. These games distinctly never left anyone indifferent. For now, we have a great variety of puzzle games for every taste. On our platform Sputti you can find such a large selection of puzzle games! Collect balls, solve brain-teasing puzzles, find a road for bees, feed the kitten, and complete words! We have a wide range of puzzles that will help you to reveal all your intellectual abilities!

Play together with friends, score your own records, go through all the levels, and become a mastermind for all time! This HTML5 game is supported by both iOS and Android. All games are for free! No downloads are needed! It is possible to play the games here on Sputti from all your devices. We are waiting for your amazing achievements in the puzzle field!

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