Welcome to our world of Action Games!

Action games are a popular game genre that is designed to test players' skills in speed, body ownership, and mindfulness. All the attention of the player should be focused completely on the game. It is time to check agility and the desire to win. Every level is accompanied by obstacles, new challenges, and exciting emotions.

Action games consist of shooting, fighting, platform games, multiplayer online battle arena games, and some strategical games. In those types of games, a player must collect coins, stars, or other gifts; navigate obstacles; and move quickly. Usually, the end of the game is always very fascinating. It looks like a fight with the main boss. It can be one of the most difficult levels compared to the rest.

Action games on our platform Sputti are unique and full of surprises. Help our Scheriff to shoot the target, become a professional football player, and save the chicken from your enemies! Our games are available for both iOS and Android. Everything is for free. These amazing and interesting HTML5 games are made especially for those who are full of adrenaline and are sustained by a thirst for victory.

Join our world of games together with your friends! Win over your opponents, get gifts, and improve your score! You will always need better guns and modern devices to reach the finishing line with minimum damage and the best result!

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