Welcome to our world of Casual Games!

Casual games are intended for a very wide range of people. That kind of game has quite simple rules to be played. No difficult rules. No special skills are needed. Just play and relax. Casual games are very popular on the Internet. These games are suitable for every age range.

If you don't have enough time to play games, then casual games are the best choice for you! They don't need much time and attention, so there is no need for you to spend a lot of time playing, teaching yourself and getting used to them. On Sputti, we have a unique selection of casual games, from Animal Volleyball to Football Olympos. You are guaranteed to receive real pleasure by playing these easy and exciting games!

All the goals and instructions are very clear. You will be able to understand the game very quickly. Another advantage is that you can easily adapt casual games according to your schedule. The basis of these games will make you feel like you are experiencing situations just like in real life. Invite your friends and play all together! All the games are free. No downloads are needed.

These are HTML5 games, so you can play them on all devices. Have a good time!

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